Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cruisers, Hot Rods, & Muscle Cars

There is something so wonderfully summery about a car show. A great show is held in Lyndhurst, NJ every Saturday from May through October at Whiskey Cafe. I have gone 3 times and it is always a different mix of cars and they always play fun oldies music from greats like Chuck Berry and The Beach Boys.

There are A LOT of cars and not just 1 of each model! I think I counted 10 Chevelle Super Sports! There are also cars that are not so old- new Cobras and cars from the 80's that have been restored to perfection. I saw a Camaro that my grandmother had in the 80's, it looked like it had just been driven off the lot. Really, it looked brand new! And the engines in some these cars are just gleaming. So clean and meticulously maintained they sparkle.

If you are looking for different date idea, this is a great one. It's free, it's sexy (have you seen the lines & curves on these cars? wow.), and the music will make you wanna hold hands.

To find a car show in your area, click here.

xo Lizzie

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