Monday, July 18, 2011

And the winner is...

Jennifer S! "I'd like to see "Susan" jewelry after my Mom who struggled and eventually passed away from breast cancer."

Jennifer will receive a doo-dah! watch or necklace!!! Thank you Jennifer!

Bonus Winners, who will each receive a pair of doo-dah! earrings:

  1. Kitty - "Your next creation should be named Eleanor because that's my grandma's name and she is awesome. Even though we're adults and she's in her late 70s, she plays video games with us and bakes us homemade pie whenever we visit. What else could you ask for in a grandma?" Thanks, Kitty! Eleanor sounds like such a fun Grandma!
  2. Elizabeth O. - "Your next product should be name Analiese. She is my best friend. She works one full time job and one part time job. She does this so she can put herself through college. She is an inspiration to me." Thank you Elizabeth! I have a HUGE soft spot for women that put themselves through college!
  3. Diana - How about Florence after Florence Nightingale? Such a strong woman! Diana your submission inspired me to hit up Wikipedia  because I had to learn more about Ms. Nightingale!
  4. Marie M.Your next creation should be named Jenna because she's gone through 3 leg surgeries and was a year behind in her High School sports because of this. She just graduated from MSU and was working 3 part-time jobs before she finally got offered a full-time position. Jenna knows how to work hard and save money. I look up to her. Marie you sound like a wonderful friend and Jenna is very inspiring, thank you!

I received so many beautiful and deserving submissions there was no east way to decide so I had to pull numbers. Thank you to everyone that participated. xo Lizzie

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  1. Awesome! Thank you for the giveaway :)
    I am excited about the earrings

    Elizabeth O