Friday, July 29, 2011

happiness is a new dress; dressy dress hangers for special events

I believe life is in the details. Yes, an icy daiquiri is good, but an icy daiquiri with a colorful little umbrella and a striped paper straw?- That's GREAT! And we all tend to make things more special for other people than we do ourselves. We save the "good" china for company, or have "guest" towels and "everyday" towels. I  say forget that! Who are we saving this stuff for? Who is coming over that is better than yourself?! 

I saw a magazine picture of a wedding dress hanging with a decorative wood hanger. Everyone knows the dress hanging before the bride puts it on is a great photo op and this bride thought ahead and purchased a hanger that said "Mrs. Zorn". click here to see the photo that inspired me I thought 2 things; 1)that looks super cute! and 2) I could totally make that.

I am not getting married, but I am wearing a formal dress to Jules Verne in Paris in a month! Why shouldn't my dress travel in style on a dressed up hanger?! Woo-hoo! - project time!

I drew out my idea before starting so that I had an idea of how big to make the letters.

Other ideas for what the hanger could read; "i do", "Bride", "EAL & JNT". Choose your wood color - blonde or dark. And dress the top of it with a ribbon or hang a shell from it if it is a beach wedding.

This was really easy to make, but if you don't have time (because you are planning your wedding!) or craft projects just aren't your forte, I would be more than happy to do it for you! Contact me! or click here to be linked directly to my store! xo Lizzie

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