Tuesday, July 19, 2011

take a moment tuesday

Is it really only Tuesday?  Things I do to get me through to the weekend...

Painted my nails. Wonderful way to slow things down and take a min to myself. 
Makes for a great excuse not to do anything, "Oh yeah I would... but my nails aren't dry yet!"  ;)

Nail polish color is by essie called "smooth sailing". It's a beautiful deep glittery periwinkle blue. Reminds me of a river glistening in the summer sun. I hope the rest of my week is "smooth sailing"!

"smooth sailing" by essie 

espresso with just a touch of frothy milk and a dusting of chocolate & sugar. mmmm...

"larabee dot" espresso cup and saucer

I recommend topping your coffee drinks with chocolate shavings, it makes your small moment of relaxation feel more indulgent and special. I use sugar grinders from Cape Herb, love the butterscotch & vanilla one!

There is nothing like a blank sheet of paper and colored pencils to clear my head. I see endless possibilities. A little art therapy does wonders for my mood. I stare at the sheet for a moment of dazed happiness, a million ideas jumping and elbowing their way to be be picked first, and then... I unleash! My creativity comes pouring out of me and all is good in the world again.

I did my part, now COME OOONN weekend! 
xo Lizzie

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