Tuesday, July 12, 2011

sneak peek at Lilly Pulitzer's Fall/Winter 2011 collection

Most of my friends know that I have a bit of an obsession with Lilly Pulitzer. I love color and Lilly is a happy explosion of color! Her prints have cheeky names and "Lilly" is always hidden in the print like a "Where's Waldo?". Although the name Lilly Pulitzer is synonymous with summer, I always look forward to seeing the Fall & Winter collections. This is because I live in Northern New Jersey, a place where happy colors die come winter and all of the fashions go to a dull muddy palette of grays and browns. I need Lilly Pulitzer color to warm me up and brighten my spirits to get through the long winter.

Here is a sneaky peek at Lilly Pulitzer's 2011 Fall Winter Collection, Enjoy!(click on images to open them larger)

I love the sweaters this year. They are very similar to what Kate Spade put out last year. I love Kate Spade as well!

Tassels! I love the printed Tassel border at the bottom of the dresses center and left.

Hot pink and Navy! Love the Connie dress on the right!

The shoe print on the jacket on the left is awesome!

Love the Blaney (left) and Elsa (center) in this COLORFUL print!

Love all 3 of these but the center one is my favorite! Classic looks and slimming ;)

Again the sweater in the center is similar to what Kate Spade put out last year and I love it!

Love the Shauna in the middle!

oh la la! Lilly is getting a little euro on us!

New Murfees!!!

Awww look at the minnies....

A closer look at some of the prints...
"multi open call"

"pink tomato standing ovation"

"sky blue the thrill of the chase"

"bright navy dress rehearsal"

UPDATE: For more photos (bigger brighter!) checkout the Pink Boulevard facebook page

PINK PELICAN HAS July 25th FALL 2011 ITEMS AVAILABLE ONLINE NOW! http://thepinkpelican.com/catalog.php?category=1

Lilly Pulitzer 2011 Sorority  Prints

Lilly Pulitzer is staggering the release dates of the pieces in this collection. The release dates are July 25th, August 25th, September 25th and October 25th. I can't wait! 

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