Tuesday, July 26, 2011

take a moment tuesday; flower power nails and joss stone

It's the last day of my 20's and I am taking in every second of it! 2 things are making my day more beautiful...

My nails are party ready! I used Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips. These were a total impulse buy! I was drawn in by the bright colors. I didn't have very high hopes for how my nails would turn out using these so I was shocked when they actually came out looking like the glossy poster on the end cap at CVS.

Contents inside the box.

Strips before application. The strips are made of real nail polish.

These were a lot easier to use than what I had expected. After I got the first nail done, the rest were a breeze. I got them all done in 30 mins and there is no dry time with these!

They come in many different patterns & colors (butterflies, houndstooth, blue jean, sparkle, etc). I went with the "Girl Flower" print because they were so bright and look like a party on my nails. 

Now that I have flower power nails it seems only fitting that I listen to Joss Stone's newest album! She released her CD today (7/26)! I bought it for myself as a birthday present and as usual I am impressed by Ms. Stone. It is a very different sound than what I expected or what I am used to, it's more raw and grown up with no sugary candy pop coating. This album reaffirmed why she is my favorite singer! The girl has talent and I look forward to hearing even more from her when she performs as a part of her new super group, Super Heavy! You put my favorite rocker (Mick Jagger!) with my favorite vocalist? I can't handle it! 

Hope you are having a groovy Tuesday! ;) Keep on truckin' towards the weekend! xo Lizzie

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