Friday, July 15, 2011

i'm impressed

I am taking a trip this summer to London, Paris and Bruges and I have been building my wardrobe for my travels. I found a French designer on Etsy that embellishes t-shirts using ribbon, lace and fabric. Her creations are the perfect blend for travel, comfy-casual with a hint of formality. 

I ordered and right away Sabine (the designer), responded asking me for my measurements and was so genuinely sweet. She continued to touch base with me throughout the week as she created my t-shirt and headband.

Top I ordered. Photos from Lamarquisedesanges shop website.

I find that when I buy from independent designers/artists,they are so attached to their work, they really go out of their way to make something beautiful for you. They have so much pride & ownership in their creations and they put so much of themselves into every piece.

Headband. Photo from Lamarquisedesanges shop website.

After putting together my top,creating my headband,and sizing it to fit me(I have an unusually large head!), she sent me a cheerful message telling me they had shipped and that she couldn't wait for me to receive them.

Photo from Lamarquisedesanges shop website.

My package arrived a week later in a plain dark brown envelope with a French postmark, and my address elegantly scrawled across the front. Love! I opened it to find my shirt and headband wrapped in tissue paper, tied with a ribbon and a sprig of lavender had been tucked into the ribbon. A small bar of French soap and more lavender in a wax paper packet were wrapped inside the shirt, giving my shirt a heavenly scent.

I am totally in love with my shirt and headband and I can not wait to wear them in Paris! I sent Sabine a message thanking her and she wrote me back:

bonjour Elizabeth !

merci so so much for the sweet and heartwarming feedback comment you left. I am so so happy to hear the parcel made it safely to you and beyond excited to know you like your headband and your top !!
you have been a breeze to be collaborating with from the beginning ...

I love the idea of you "parading" with my creations in the streets. let me know if there is anything else I can do for you in the future ..even concerning your trip ...


Headband: Pirouette by Lamarquisedesanges

Top: Champagne  by Lamarquisedesanges

About the designer: Sabine & her shop

Fun Fact: Lavender is in the mint family and is a symbol of devotion. It has become increasingly popular as wedding confetti.

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