Wednesday, July 20, 2011

make wine with us; new jersey wine making school

My boyfriend's Aunt and Uncle asked us if we would help them bottle their wine. This was the final step of a multi-step process that spanned several months. They had chose the grapes, crushed them, pressed the grapes and racked the wine in 3 previous visits. 

We were promised a good spread of Italian food and a few bottles of wine for our participation. We wanted to check this place out anyway, the food was just an added bonus! We had a great time and we are hoping to be a part of the full process this Fall when they return to make a a different variety called Barbera.

Filling the wine bottles, corking, sealing and labeling.

filled, corked and sealed

you choose your own seals (they have many to choose from) and you design your label!

Our first finished bottle!

had to test it out ;)

And we are finished!

We had 6 people and we bottled 10 cases of wine in under an hour. Make the wine with a few other couples and split your end product and price! Also great for couples who are getting married. You could  get your bridal party together to help you. With the custom labels, you will have a great favor to give your guests!

Make Wine With Us
address: 21 Currie Ave.
         Wallington, NJ 07057

phone: (201) 876-9463

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